Updates and Musingsfrom austin beaton

Nov 26

Netflix and Me: BoJack Horseman

Nov 16

Califoregonian (Excerpt): Dear Sarcasm Pepperoncinis Pandabears

Nov 16

Califoregonian (Excerpt): Walking in the rain in the dark

Oct 31

Hindsight 20/Something: The Music Behind the Quarter-life Crisis

Oct 31

Hindsight 20/Something: Ungraduated (HR, 24)

Oct 31

Hindsight 20/Something: I, Corporate Robot (Anish, 25)

Oct 29

Hindsight 20/Something: Death in the Driveway (Austin, 25)

Oct 29

Hindsight 20/Something: Girl to Galaxy (McKenna, 23)

Oct 28

Hindsight 20/Something: Run (Donovan, 25)

Oct 28

Hindsight 20/Something: Something is Wrong with Me (Chance, 25)

Oct 27

Hindsight 20/Something: Two of Me

Oct 27

Hindsight 20/Something: You Moved Here from California?

Oct 23

Hindsight 20/Something (Intro.)

Oct 10

Dear Person 60: letter to a friend of a friend

Oct 8

Dear Person 33: to an old roommate

Sep 23

Poem: Impostor Impostor Syndrome

Sep 6

Dear Person Letter #46

Aug 28

Letter to an Ex (Dear Person #52)

Aug 27

The Origin of Hindsight 20/Something

Aug 27

Dear Coming Home Soon? (Letter #41)

Aug 25

Dear Person

Aug 25

Letter to my first boss (Dear Person #19)

Aug 24

Dear Indubitably Anti-capitalism Mayonnaise, (Letter #12)

Aug 23

Dear Courage Care Resilience (Letter 17, to an old mentor)

Aug 22

Dear Unknown Nostalgia Purpose, (Dear Person Letter #39)

Aug 21

Dear Brave Solitude Crew, (Letter 37)

Aug 20

Califoregonian: In-N-Out (Excerpt)

Aug 18

Califoregonian Excerpt: Dear Sarcasm Pepperoncinis Pandabears

Aug 13

Dear Shift Ache Seed (letter 27 from Dear Person)

Aug 2

3 Ways to Not Hate Reading a Poem

Aug 2

Poem for a Pokémon

Jul 2

Video: Looking at the Skytree for 17 Seconds

Jun 29

Poem: Theory of Mind American

Jun 27

Poem: small town outside of

Jun 27

Seven Movies If You Watch You’ll Die Anyway

Jun 25

Video: Train Reads a Letter it Wrote to a Person

Jun 22

I walked the 6,732 Islands of Japan for 6 poems

Nov 29

Letter to Poet Matthew Dickman (and his response)

Nov 29

Baobabs, Cleavage, Dolphins