Video: Train Reads a Letter it Wrote to a Person

by austin beaton

I want to write you a letter. Email me three words at and I will.

This poem is a part of Japan6, available to purchase in July. Read another sixth of the set here.


A Japan train 30 seconds late enacts stations to prints slips of papers with apologies for employees to give bosses. Train here to there to here. Few cars. Train home. Every station has a little jingle. Train to work. Don’t take more space than outside your body frame. Sit this way, stand that. Below, listen to how a train thinks:

Dear Human, Sincerely, Train

Ask too many questions

you’ll devolve all of us

thin into telephone cables.

You’re too many chemicals

to be wondering why wondering

enough seasons will evaporate

language. As I am an engine

I don’t fuck with lies, the truth. 260

/kmh. That toddler couldn’t know

Japan lost one war. This before

you, your parents touristed the

temples, 100 yen onigiri, smell

of sesame oil. You’re shocked

the only city could be this quiet

I wanted to translate to English

but instead kept going.