Video: Looking at the Skytree for 17 Seconds

by austin beaton

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This poem is a part of Japan6. Read another sixth of the set here.

Looking at the Skytree for 17 Seconds

Whine of the bicycle brake fastens

another maybe temporary memory

to the night. How this the same

place when sunlit? I don’t know.

3 moths leave white as oblivion.

Fuji meditates behind the overcast

for weeks. Enmasama’s topaz elevator

lifts so it can descend, window to

what lives between floors at the hotel

on Earth’s edge. If I can boast

at the end it’ll be the teacup gravity

I controlled, keeping my iPhone

caved in pocket. Maybe items

we lose are sacred, resold

in a 7-Eleven with doors that open

at our last flutter of eyelids?

No. Rarely about us, this.