Poem for a Pokémon

by austin beaton

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Poem for a Pokémon

Where do we travel

when someone tosses us

red white reason to shrink into self?

Depending on our evolution

the inside of that inner planet

is likely different. Do you also vomit

out all these it depends, who’s to say

spectrums? Give me answers. Give me

a badge, Professor, a guide book through

the pixels. What legendary bird or God

would offer a language made of one word:

my name. Repeating the sounds they decided

I am multiplies stadiums inside my head–

half the fans cheering, the others stoic quiet.

It’s all so extreme–now fly now dig now be

the very best like no one ever was? What

is it like to be awake through the fainting?

For once I want to be the one carrying

me to the center where they

lay us to rest.