Hindsight 20/Something: The Music Behind the Quarter-life Crisis

by austin beaton

Nobody Likes You When You’re 23

| Hindsight 20/Something is a collection of perspectives on the quarter-life crisis. Learn more here_ _and buy Hindsight 20/Something on Amazon here. |

What if you woke up and music was extinct? No more songs. Each day you make it to 5pm is more disappearing of the memory of albums and melodies, playlists and mix-CDs that were the soundtrack to your growing.

I had that thought sometime this summer, driving to work, Frank Ocean’s falsetto in my ears.

Fuck I’m glad we have music.

And so are our writers. 12 out of 14 reference music. Favorite artists, playing for sanity, how a music podcast saved their life.

We didn’t plan that. I don’t remember talking with the writers about it. But, I’m not surprised.

Music is human.

Check out the songs that helped us keep being it.