a u s t i n b e a t o n

About Austin

Poet. Writer. (Amateur) nickname giver. Austin writes poems and essays and half-finished to-do lists. They’re published below.

Austin’s prose debut, Califoregonian, is a walk-through of what it might mean to leave your home and leave your body. Beaton recounts meeting SNL star Kyle Mooney, learning to articulate his feelings about In-N-Out Burger, how he felt undeserving of loving indie music (specifically Regina Spektor), his experience of depersonalization disorder, of panic and anxiety, of living in a (deceptively) bohemian apartment straight out of college for 250$, and more. Learn more here.

Austin also is founder and editor of Hindsight 20/Something, a collection of first-person perspectives from emerging adults going through the quarter life crisis. Find out more here.


Orson’s Review (My poem writing will always be alien to me, but it starts with living on Earth in a body. I’ll hear dialogue or see an image or get a thought that I think I want in a poem)


The Bookends Review (I wasn’t ready for Regina Spektor. Memories are replaced by lessons)


Occulum (Our 20s look better from the star right above where we grip onto)

Spider Mirror (What I want from the past is a letter & song, not a handshake of quiet)

Porridge Magazine (I don’t see the palm trees I see and want to go home but I am home)

Punch Drunk Press (Where do fathers go? Does it feel like cheating?)

b(OINK) (memory is little more than story we hum into the cerebrum)

Orson’s Review (that bridge we’ll cross when we come to it I come to on another built translucent)

The Airgonaut (Since you’ll die death into that body I track your bedtime breath)

Oxidant Engine (Suppose when I hear my ex lover’s name yelled by the barista something happens)

Boston Accent (Teenager binging if-then clauses, my drug of choice: the word because)

Peach Mag (Grey place past believing achievement can save us isn’t too treacherous)

Anti-Heroin Chic (time: innumerable folds in the black origami shaping a decade we can’t predict)

Voicemail Poems (Rite Aid, I love you & it’s not only the dollar aisle)

The Stay Project (I listened a shaman sang how dying is releasing DMT be a Japan train)

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